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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Scienze Umanistiche per la Comunicazione

International Mobility

The Study Course promotes training experiences abroad.

The student who has completed the Erasmus+ program in a country of the European Community may be exempt from the test of knowledge of the language of the country in which he/she carried out the study stay. Students intending to undertake a study stay at a foreign university as part of the Erasmus+ Program (student mobility for study reasons) must participate in the University announcement (click here).

The student is asked to develop a proposed study plan abroad, to be submitted to the President of the Study Course. The President approves the proposal (learning agreement) taking into account the coherence of the entire study plan abroad with the educational objectives of the relevant study course and an overall quantitative correspondence between the ECTS required by the study plan and the ECTS acquired abroad in the indicated disciplines.

During their stay abroad, students can agree on justified changes to the learning agreement with the President of the Degree Programme.

The ECTS declared in the proposal and certified by the host University are recognized upon return to Italy on the basis of the certification presented by the student and provided by the host University taking into account the European grade conversion table adopted by the School.
In addition, it is also possible to carry out an internship abroad.

For information, students can contact the Erasmus+ delegate, prof. Monica Ballerini monica.ballerini(AT)

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International mobility office of the School

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